X Choices


Bmy Elder Cousin and former Vietnam POW survivor Pilot family Alexander Exum. From economics to music to just living life. The unique perspectives of a man who earned his daily perspectives sometimes at a cost. This is the second episode ever of Born In Trouble. But will forever be the Best!


Hon. Alonzo G. Jacobs. Newly elected District Court Judge in Suffolk, NY and longtime friend of host John X stops by to discuss his challenging upbringing. Educational experiences which included crash courses in street life. Being a single father. And his path leading to Election on the Bench. For anyone who still uses can’t in their vocabulary. Inspiring Tuesday talk with Judge Jacobs!


John X and Co Hosts Rob B and Gene H discuss the events leading up to and the storming of Congress January 7, 2021 and the subsequent fallout.    What was the reasoning and will there be ramifications?  What comes next?  






John X and Educator/Activist Sonia Lewis get together to discuss the realities of navigating a “broke” system that works exactly how it was designed to. Why it is important to you? And how the Cradle to Prison Pipeline impacts communities and culture today.


Host John X and guests tribute to the Noble st Icon that is Biz Markie.  What it was like seeing the perseverance and humor of a man destined for greatness as a kid.  





What do you get when you cross a Black Politician with a crushed consciousness?  Listen to this Episode of Born in Trouble and find out!