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The culture is on fire with Born In Trouble! Mermaids and elves with melanin. The price of every person and the value of baubles and how crime doesn’t pay enough. Trafficking immigrants and underage girls and why is it so easy to do? And maybe this system isn’t meant to make you healthy, wealthy or wise. But how do you make it make sense? Born in Trouble tries it!


Born in Trouble returns on a solemn day when America mourns with the Monarchy for some reason. The Queen is dead but do the Empire’s payments ever stop? Is it Good to Be the King Always? How messaging defines who you are more than you. Your choices aren’t yours. Every group looks and acts the same. Where American and radicals meet. Born in Trouble keeps it up!



Born In Trouble goes on hiatus for a week after stirring the pot like a good Podcast should! Debt and consequences. Sesame Street redacted. Politics as two wings of the same bird. Like chicken. And global warming makes dinosaurs hip! Born In Trouble says see you after Labor Day!

Born in Trouble is back with a two man panel! Charlottesville Police reform falls flat. Why don’t Police replace bad Officers who resign instead of firing the Chief? When the stewards of black children once were black children who grew up to be just like them. What chance do they have to avoid the Preschool to prison pipeline? Materialism and negative interactions go hand. But do you have to participate? And Deshaun Watson. Does the punishment fit the circumstance? Born In Trouble says it again!

Happy Birthday Grant! What we are talking about? The IRS is coming for you and evryone made sure it passed! Are you sure that obe side isn’t both sides? Bum rushing the FBI. How not to make that happen! Independent states until it’s about Immigration. Lebron James makes you mad? What color are you and how to define you by name. And breaking down the End of the world as we know it. Born in Trouble turns 21!

Are we about to see justice for Breonna Taylor and what does that look like? Burning books as a means of fighting oppression? Can it make sense? Mexico and International Chicken wings with Colorism for an All-inclusive experience. Brittney Griner convicted for what we used to call medicine when we didn’t know any better. Why people who feel she isn’t American enough to care don’t get it. And the commerce of Cannabis traditionally. Born in Trouble brings it back!

Born In Trouble is back this week dissecting the shootings from every angle! Is there a minimum age for open carry? The message of a 4 yr old aiming and shooting at Police. Who are the bad guys anyway? Perspectives on banning Comedians or Books look the same. Are selective bans killing passion in people? Sugar Daddies and Cougars. The wave of the financial future? Is it important to teach High Financial literacy of a decaying system? Born In Trouble at it again!

The single parent dating dilemma. How or who do you choose to bring around your kids and how do those choices effect your life. Why are politicians involved in sex scandals allowed to question the veracity of statutory rape claims?
Mansplain it with us. Roe v. Wade repeal. Is it about declining birth rates of white women and power dynamics? Does it mean Democracy is dead? Crypto and Elon. How manipulating currency only works if you want European loafers. Being a Republican politician and just saying no is the key to job security. And who is running for President who doesn’t need Depends? Born In Trouble as inappropriate as ever.

Is the World Bringing you down man? Is it so bad out here that you can’t put it all into proper context? Perfect! Now come listen and celebrate with us our 100th Episode of Born in Trouble and maybe get an inappropriate but true perspective on things like…Shootings. Brittney Griner in the Russian Rotisserie League. Shootings. Abortion from a man’s perspective(so). Racism. Sugar Daddy’s and Pookie. Slavery past, present, and even white. And just laughing through madness. 100 Episodes. Over 9000 Downloads and climbing. Born in Trouble thanks you for Hearing the real stuff!

Born In Trouble returns with a shoutout to the Fine Art of Audiobooks and Americana. It ain’t no joke when the Supreme Court allows open carry in NYC. Applications and Benefits packages together? A trip to 90’s employment. And can Waldo find Kamala Harris? The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of the Environmental Movement. And how most people are the same. Born in Trouble returns to full strength!

Born In Trouble Comes Back From A One Week Hiatus With An Episode About The Worst Possible Almost Normalized Conversations. And Other Things.

Afterwards We Discuss How We Can Discern Good From Bad? By The Way That They Look? By The Groups That They Belong To? The People That Like And Know Them Or How Famous They Are? What Are You Paying Attention To That Makes You Feel You Are Protecting Your Agency? All About Looking Deeper Past The Surface Of Things.

Born in Trouble gets into Feminism and Abortion movements. Uncle Timmy’s take on what being a single black mother and abortion means to his existence. A sniper shoots a journalist and no one notices. Not even us. The Original Sin vs. Feminism, LGBTQ and all the other issues we fight for and against each other. Why are we fighting against each other for attention? The soul of Black America buried with Kevin Samuels and how one Ivy League woman shows the will of the systems is stronger than we can see. Until it happens. Born In Trouble swings into hiatus!

Are you happy someone passed away? Democrat? Republican? Black? White? Illegal? Vaxxed or unvaxxed? Kevin Samuels? Congratulations! You are now fully American! How has rooting for the death of those we dislike has become the most American of traits! Why we won’t be Mansplaining Roe v. Wade upcoming repeal women made possible. The attack on Dave Chappelle and how culture makes it ok to attack Black men. And how a Corporation is soon to own your home. Born In Trouble gets into it all and more!

The Concept of Human Depravity has been debated for Centuries. Humanity with all of it’s advantages and understandings of Spirituality and Science will still do it’s worst. And only an Act of Religion, God, or Spirituality can intercede from our worse selves doing their worst. Is the concept of Evolution a test or Burden. Are all things ok if no things matter? Which way makes more sense? Doing as we want or what we should? Born In Trouble has a great conversation where Twitter, Russia, and dating all are explored within the Concept.

Born in Trouble gets into Trouble with this conversation about Feelings. Why as selfish people groups today feel the only right answer is my answer and perspective and what that means for consensus and things like the future of female competition. Why hatred of people resonates more than whatever the things we enjoy. Is rooting for Biff the answer to your financial and personal issues? Are public people ok to harass because they make money being famous? Born in Trouble discusses this, insurrectionists and a different type of Chap apparel!

The insurrection Trials are 0 for 3 or 3 for 3. Depending on your perspective. Is one shot to the head justified to stop resisting arrest? The Slap has no changed the Magic Mike franchise and why? No one knows. Shooting civilians resisting arrest. Good training or bad decisions? Libraries in Kentucky opt out of a full spectrum of learning. And a Usurper tries to buy Twitter. Born in Trouble brings it to the table again!

The episode starts off problematic and ends up talking the Green Spaces. Both of them. And remains consistently problematic. In between? Everything else that is happening too. From a new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and the Emergency Supreme Court hearings that will never be explained? Why walking out on the most educated group in America may come back to bite you if you care. Plastic surgery by necessity vs, Vanity or both? And why one slap has ruined our free time. You may laugh like we laugh at ourselves at Born In Trouble!

Why did I not want to talk abt the Entanglement Show and still ended up talking abt it? The difference between now and then when Beef is on the menu. When is the music industry more responsible for shootings than the shooters? A Black Coach slips in the back door. And is there still a War going on outside no one is safe from? Born in Trouble hits the levers!

Answers the question is God good all of the time? Does the divine have a sense of humor? Is it fair for biological women to lose to trans competitors? Vantage points and Emmit Till told from an ally’s lens. Samuel Jackson twice. And with all you and yours have said to me. Why do only your feelings matter? We can take it! Why can’t you? Perhaps the funniest episode ever. But very Born in Trouble!

What is it about Brittney Griner that people aren’t talking about her abduction by a foreign country? Can anyone stop the US from entering the War in Ukraine? How Political labels hold back practical solutions. Because we are distracted. Reality. The greatest distraction is a continuing Ed class. And why I am as ashamed to know about Ryan Coogler as I am proud to watch Trevor Noah. Born In Trouble 3rd episode! #freeBrittneytoo

Born In Trouble. The second episode of this season talks language. The N word and the “Pass”. How common goals trump social sickness in Winners. Were we perceiving the same things differently in the 80’s and 90’s? How opportunity dictates perception. Regional v. National v. International. Jessie goes to County. And why Wakanda is not a place for everyone who looks like T;challa. Born in Trouble makes the absurd sound…absurd.

The Parenting Dynamic. When do you stop being responsible and when do you start? Dating stories and what is to be expected. Is Kevin Samuels right about women? Are his detractors right about men and what is going on in Ukraine? How much does it matter and why? Is Putin like Kanye at all or not? Do Billionaires goals take the masses into account? Born in Trouble may not tell it right but, always tells it true!

“14 Days in Beijing” Author Chancellor K. Jackson joins the crew and almost immediately regrets it? We digress from his journey as a young teacher incarcerated in China into the Invasion of mineral rich Ukraine and who is Putin? From Kanye in love to why censorship makes you stupid! Do we care about what happens in other countries and if we don’t, who should? Is any group or person above being joked about? Not on this show! Born in Trouble back from hiatus!

Born in Trouble starts off Friday with the picture of James Madison and ends with a walk through the Park! Relating cultural experiences to cultural bonds and cultural responses to a collective with varying perspectives. A raw conversation that may trigger a response with its honesty. So you have to hear the whole thing! Otherwise? TRIGGER WARNING! And the Collegiate network or net worth. Manufacturing American and the subcultures within. Is it an actual thing? Metaverse relationships. Different or the same thing?


Born in Trouble takes a step back and looks at the View? Nah! But selective high standards is part of what we are talking about! Is censorship shrinking possibilities and dulling understanding? The proper way to cancel Joe Rogan? Is this Democracy merit based? Is it ok to discriminate and be worse for it? And what happened to Antifa?

Are the conversations about to change? Born in Trouble delves into the extremes that make the middle sound reasonable. And how it all gets pulled together or won’t be. Truck boycotts of Canada and Robots. How passing can be accidental. And the farm system that allows Billionaire owners to be themselves.

Born in Trouble host John X and guests Melissa, Gene, and Grant crack open the code of continued Law and Order being protected and presided over by Black Women! From Letitia James to Carolyn Mosby. Black women willing to sacrifice themselves to protect a system that often despises their very presence within it! Why do they get the unenviable task of going after system wide corruption? And why they are best equipped to handle it.

Just a regular old Thursday Night with Grant, Rob and your host John X! A heartfelt apology and the Chronicles of Omarion, the singer. Should we just call it comedy? Amish Cheesesteaks and the Nike in Australia. Born In Trouble does it again!

Born In Trouble gets into the 1-yr Anniversary of the Attack on the Capitol. Why some people feel nothing happened and why one day the History books may reflect that. Suicide rates of the youth and the Metaverse. Why demographics say Born In Trouble is teetering on the edge of irrelevancy.

Born In Trouble Host John X along with Gene and Grant get into the Kim Potter conviction. Does this mean change in the behavior of Police is next? What role does social media play in the conviction? Also, NIL’s changing the landscape of recruiting and the future of graduating athletes? And was Xmas cancelled by problems or design? BIT gets it started!

New Year’s Eve!  Wrapping up the year with the Original Guest investment Guru Orlando Walters! It’s a New Year as we laugh about all things Born In Trouble! The Waltons and the Jeffersons. The cancel culture concepts. The stock market and Covid. Mansplaining Ghislaine. Politics and perceptions.  Thank you for your consistent support!

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BIT gets into the Marshmallow Experiment. Ever heard of it? Find out how this one study impacted the last 50 years! How does it impact the present and the future? Economics? Education? And how we relate to one another or are taught to? And what is Coach Sanders doing to change the Landscape of College Football.

Host John X and guests talk new product ideas for incarcerated insurrectionists. The chummy trial in Wisconsin. Why the outcome was never in doubt. America experiencing violence and crime in strange places. And Delta8 and Kratom as the next big things in treatment? Born in Trouble.

BIT is back! Giving advice on Modern Relations using our own experiences. And should the US Boycott the China Olympics? How is modern dating different and are the things you thought you knew sometimes problematic today? Born In Trouble returns with a Bang!