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John X, host of the show ‘Born in Trouble’, returns after a hiatus caused by a severe medical emergency Recounting the experience of nearly dying, the clarity it brought to his life, and the importance of family. John reflects on societal issues, including racism, political division, and cultural challenges. Emphasizing the value of love, respect, and true connections over material and superficial gains.

A comprehensive dive into contentious and critical issues shaping today’s dialogues. It covers a wide array of topics including the influence of figures like Reggie Jackson, the evolution of rap music, and wide-ranging societal and political challenges such as prison reform and racial dynamics in education. The Jenna Louisiana trial, underscoring the essence of activism and community. Through debates on freedom of speech, the media’s influence, and interactive discussions with guests, the script fosters a platform for an enriching exchange of diverse viewpoints. It aims to highlight the importance of unity through disagreement, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of perspectives that contribute to meaningful conversation and understanding in the face of modern-day challenges.

In this 43rd episode of ‘Born in Trouble,’ host John X and guests discuss a myriad of topics ranging from the dynamics of using various broadcasting platforms, to societal issues, parenting, and the recent decisions of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry regarding their children’s exposure to media scrutiny and racial bias. The impact of choices in relationships, the consequences of those choices on parenting styles, societal expectations, and the dynamics between men and women in modern society.


Host John X and guests Garant L and Andrew Johnson cover a spectrum of topics including politics, cultural influences from celebrities like Puff Daddy, experiences of racial discrimination, and sports predictions. How identifying with Presidential candidates is this year’s odd phenomenom. Media’s prioritization of scandals and misrepresentations of African Americans for ratings. Personal encounters with prejudice, and the importance of critical thinking in political engagement. RIP Craig Mack.



Host John X and co-host Grant Lancaster discuss various issues surrounding life and societal changes. Reflecting on a recent near-death experience and its impact on perspective. The complexities of relationships, societal expectations, the historical impact of the crack epidemic, and contemporary political issues. Andrew Johnson joins the conversation to weigh in on these topics, highlighting generational shifts and the political landscape. The episode underscores the significance of life, relationships, and the broader societal context in which these personal experiences occur.

Born In Trouble appreciates the open minded listener. It isn’t personal unless, it is.

The fourth season of ‘Born in Trouble’ features reflections on societal issues and personal responsibility. John X delves into personal prediction and views on the Middle East conflict. Real estate and Banking ethics and impacts on society and the Economy. Censorship, internet culture, and music industry dynamics. The narrative also addresses topics like gender roles, corporate accountability, economic changes, and the importance of self-awareness and adaptation in a rapidly evolving world.






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