Dr. Kimye Nuru Dennis

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis. Founder of 365 Diversity joins John X and Rob B to discuss the stigma associated with Men’s mental health and why Black men should not be afraid to seek mental assistance. Trauma doesn’t have to be a continuing phase that effects you and your family. Breaking the cycle with Born In Trouble.


Merrilee of Solana!

Miss Merrilee of Solana writer of the Book and Teacher of the philosophy “The Game” joins Host John X for an hour of Love and Energy explanation and exploration! God and energy come together with the common sense of treating yourself to what you deserve! Are we a conduit for Love? Or distraction and distortion? And how can we change it? Born In Trouble once more in uncharted waters!

Khalil/ Green ORA

Khalil reps the under 30! Chemical Engineer and Plant based health advocate as well as Founder/Owner of Greenora.org joins host John X for a Tuesday Talk about the younger generations focused plant based life solutions! What is Kratom and how can it help fight the opioid crisis in the US? What is CBD/CBG and why don’t pharmaceutical companies and Corporations use more natural plant based remedies? The history of Hemp as an industrial product. And why is the world moving towards Doing Delta? And coffee!




Winston Meikkle

This Tuesday talk featuring Winston Meikkle as a return guest focuses upon COVID and what is going on with Omicron. As a Nurse who ran a Covid ward and experienced the pandemic up close and personal. To his refusal to take the shot and exit from that position. On his previous visit?
He predicted the current “wave of the vaccinated” around now that cannot be disguised or dismissed. But how did he know? Winston discusses what he sees as flaws in the logic and science of using our own natural messaging system to fight against COVID 

Dr .KimYE Neru Dennis!


Born In Trouble returns from Hiatus with a Tuesday Talk! Sociologist Dr. Kimye Neru Dennis and John X discuss programming the masses. Charter schools and reparations’. Black Health, wealth and prosperity. The charter school same as the public school but, better? And the source of your education and pride! BIT on the move!


Author Chancellor Jackson!


Chancellor Jackson. Amazon Bestselling Author of “14 Days in Beijing” joins us to discuss his journey from Collegiate Athlete to teaching in the Land of the Sun!

Hon. Judge Alonzo G.. Jacobs!

Hon. Alonzo G. Jacobs. Newly elected District Court Judge in Suffolk, NY and longtime friend of host John X stops by to discuss his challenging upbringing. Educational experiences which included crash courses in street life. Being a single father. And his path leading to Election on the Bench.


Nurse Winston Meikkle

Activist Crumb The Master Student! 

Dr. Kimye Neru Dennis